1-2-3 Block Set

1-2-3 Block Set


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1-2-3 Block Set
Tons of uses for the Fab shop!

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The 123 blocks are a staple for machinists but also have many good uses in the fab shop

Each block is precision ground to 1″x2″x3″ and sold in matching pairs
Internal threaded holes for clamping purposes for jigs and fixtures

Use them to square up table saw and bandsaw blades.

Our favorite use of them is to set a Zero to the bed on the cnc router.

Important note ALWAYS lower the bit FIRST before you slide the block under to see if it has contact.
NEVER lower the bit over the block till it touches it will shatter the bit due to the forces of the router.

In the example shown we set the bit to the 2″ side then set Z on the router to 2.000
This technique allows very precise depth measurements for engraving and cutting


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